With origins in occupational medicine dating back to the 70’s, we have a wealth of experience in this field and know what clients need.


We work with our clients, both big and small, to identify risks, understand their needs and from that, build out a tailored occupational health program.


Our extensive clinical network means that no matter where you or your workforce are we can support your needs.


Our specialist occupational physicians provide an added layer of support and expertise and are able to support on complex matters, and legislative medical requirements.


With over 300 medical practitioners we have a huge pool of talent and knowledge to draw upon.

Site Services

Inner city, regional or remote, regardless of your location, we’re able to deliver medical services and solutions at your worksite.

Latest on Health Hub

Pre-employment Medicals 101
Tuesday, 16 Jan 2024

Pre-employment medicals are comprehensive health examinations commonly used by employers to identify candidates who meet the health and safety requirements of a particular role. We break down the different components of a pre-employment medical and what your candidates can expect once they arrive to our clinics for testing.

Breathing in Danger: Unveiling the Hazards of Workplace Asbestos
Wednesday, 22 Nov 2023

Long-term undetected asbestos exposure can lead to the development of serious health conditions. Employers can increase worker safety by familiarising themselves with signs and symptoms of asbestos exposure, identifying the most appropriate mitigation strategies and implementing health monitoring programmes.

Workplace Health and Safety: An Analysis of Work-Related Injuries
Monday, 12 Jun 2023

Stopping workplace injury or illness entirely is difficult, but there are key steps your business can put in place to prevent injuries from occurring. At Sonic HealthPlus, we don’t just manage workplace injuries, but we offer tools and workshops that businesses can implement to ensure their team are safe and knowledgeable about workplace hazards.

New Construction Silica Code
Thursday, 23 Mar 2023

As of 1 May 2023, Australia’s first silica dust Code, Managing respirable crystalline silica dust exposure in construction and manufacturing of construction elements Code of Practice 2022, for the construction industry will be effective. The Code has been implemented by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) and applies to all construction work and the manufacturing of materials including bricks, blocks, tiles, mortar and concrete.

ResHealth - Ask the AMA
Tuesday, 14 Mar 2023

On 16 February 2023, we hosted an “Ask the AMA” information session that allowed clients to speak to two of our Appointed Medical Advisors (AMAs), Dr Keith Adam and Dr David Cleveland, about the new QLD Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme (CMWHS) solution, ResHealth.